3rd Podcast of The Rationalist- Don’t even say “no” with Lori Stephens

Here’s the link to the podcast

We discuss mystical addiction and how the words we use affect our thought processes.

Lori’s books, Alpha, Omega, and Deep Structure are also available for Kindle; here and here, respectively.


The Rationalist with Ben Crockett- Realism Over Religion

The Rationalist with Ben Crockett- Realism Over Religion

The above link will take you to the podcast for The Rationalist episode with none-other than THE Ben Crockett. It starts off kind of slow but Ben is worth waiting a little bit to listen to.

Debate Event: Theodicy

This Sunday, May 13, we will be hosting a free public debate event on theodicy. Defending Christianity will be Dr Phil Smith, head of the philosophy department at George Fox University. Representing secularism and science will be Secular Humanist Minister Bernie Dehler and Freethikners of PSU co-president Ben Crockett.

When: May 13, 2012, 3:00-5:00 PM

Where: SMSU 238 (1825 SW Broadway)