Unnatural Acts that can improve your thinking

Blow your mind!

The above link will take you to a site that will thoroughly challenge how you think- even if you’re a seasoned freethinker. It is a regularly updated blog that changes everyone who reads it.

Video of ‘Jesus, The Easter Bunny and Other Delusions: Just Say No!’

Here it is, folks! The article from Philosophy News and accompanying video of Peter Boghossian’s January 27 presentation of Jesus, The Easter Bunny and Other Delusions: Just Say No!



Updated Schedule / Skeptics Links

First, here is an updated schedule for Winter 2011:

Tuesday 1/4 4-6 SMU 294

Tuesday 1/11 4-6 SMU 294

Tuesday 1/18 4-6 SMU 294

Tuesday 1/25 4-6 SMU 294

Tuesday 2/1 4-6 SMU 294

Tuesday 2/8 4-6 SMU 294

Tuesday 2/15 4-6 SMU 323

Tuesday 2/22 4-6 SMU 323

Tuesday 3/1 4-6 SMU 323

Tuesday 3/8 4-6 SMU 294

Note that for weeks 7-9 we will be upstairs in room 323. All other meeting sites and times remain the same.

And now, as mentioned in one of our meetings earlier this term, here are some good links to websites and podcasts on skepticism:

Rep. Monique Davis (D-Illinois) Attacks Atheist Activist Rob Sherman.

We are often asked why there needs to be a student group to advocate for atheists and agnostics. If you find yourself asking this question, we need only direct you to occasions such as this one:

Rep. Monique Davis (D-Illinois) Attacks Atheist Activist Rob Sherman.