Debate Event: Theodicy

This Sunday, May 13, we will be hosting a free public debate event on theodicy. Defending Christianity will be Dr Phil Smith, head of the philosophy department at George Fox University. Representing secularism and science will be Secular Humanist Minister Bernie Dehler and Freethikners of PSU co-president Ben Crockett.

When: May 13, 2012, 3:00-5:00 PM

Where: SMSU 238 (1825 SW Broadway)


2 thoughts on “Debate Event: Theodicy

  1. As a child, I was brainwashed with christian fundamentalism. As an adult, I have made my break from faith. I found my balance, but, my question would be, did you find your’s? Since faith is belief without proof, how does atheism qualify as freethought, when it’s members believe that something was accidentally created out of nothing? I am not saying that conclusion is wrong, I’m just saying that no laboratory results support such a leap of faith, only a ledger of theories. Therefore, scientifically speaking, atheism is not freethought, it is religion. Religious myth falls to the wayside as science proves that the earth is not 6000 years old, and evolution is proved when geneticists prove that polar bears are all descended from a European brown bear. But, to prove that organized religion is bullshit does not prove that the universe is an accident. Even if it is, if you believe it without proof, that is religion.

    Now, if there was a spark behind the universe, intelligent or not, this much we know through science: That several ecosystems have come and gone throughout earth’s history. A simple law has become apparent. Adapt or disappear forever. No reasonable person can imagine the same does not apply to humans. No god is going to save us from ourselves. When our viabilaty as a thriving species no longer is in harmony with the direction of nature, we will also become extinct. Then the issue of whether or not the universe is an accident will become moot, because we are the only beings that can ask the question.

    I don’t call myself an atheist, because I reject religion. I call myself an agnostic because I’m a freethinker. Atheists alienate themselves from the general population because they preach that the even the mechanism of evolution is some kind of accident that occurred inside of another convenient accident. I guess we all won the lottery twice.

    I can show you youtube videos where Richard Dawkins admits he’s an agnostic. And Neil deGrasse Tyson, world renouned astrophysicist calls himself an agnostic. Now all atheists have to do is to take one step backward out of your fundamentalism, and then we can unite all freethinkers.

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