Upcoming Event: Dr. Peter Boghossian

Jesus, the Easter Bunny, and other delusions:

Just Say No!

January 27, 7:00 pm

Portland State University’s Hoffman Hall

This talk is free and open to the public.

About the lecture:

Dr. Boghossian will argue that faith is not a reliable process to guide one to the truth. He will explore problems with faith-based processes of reasoning, and also discuss practical strategies for engaging people of faith.

Dr. Boghossian is a faculty member in the Portland State University Department of Philosophy and an affiliate research assistant professor at Oregon Health Sciences University. His primary research areas are critical thinking and moral reasoning. He has published extensively in academic and professional journals, including Journal of the Philosophy of Education, Educational Philosophy and Theory, Informal Logic and Teaching Philosophy.

Freethinkers of PSU additional notes:

Freethinkers of PSU is excited to use this lecture as an opportunity for a meeting of minds. If you disagree with Dr. Boghossian’s premises, we encourage you to come to the lecture, and ask him questions about his presentation.

For any further questions, please contact Freethinkers of PSU at athag@pdx.edu.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Event: Dr. Peter Boghossian

  1. The threadhead qouted, “Dr. Boghossian will argue that faith is not a reliable process to guide one to the truth. ”

    Of course it isn’t. If by some metaphysical imperitive, one’s paranoia became truth simply because some dimented soul believed it to be true, reality would be chaos. But, wouldn’t it be equally applicable if someone put atheism to the test. Question: Do you believe the existence of the universe is an accident? If your answer is yes, you are an atheist, a true believer, one of the FAITHFULL. The correct answer to the question is, “I don’t know”.

    It’s not ignorance that arrives at that truth, it is humility and reality. Yes, goatherder mythology is bullshit, congratulations for discovering that while so many others have not. But, now, you have repeated the same human mistake. You have discovered a lie, and therefore you assume the opposit must be true. That’s bad science.

    And if you say, “I believe the universe is an accident” I cannot prove you wrong. Just like atheists refuse to prove that some god doesn’t exist. Here’s the important rub. There are many freethinkers out there in the world, and while they may not be religious, they have a feeling there is something out there, they just don’t know what it is. And your religion of “accident” accuses them of being fools and magical thinkers. Therefore, you are losing your battle for hearts and minds.

    And that is a sad thing, because humanity can be irradicated, and no god will intervene. And the finger on the button that ends it all will probably be some religious zealot. We really need to win this battle. You cannot win with a new religion, you have to present the world the truth, and the truth is, “I don’t know”.

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