Sell Your Soul for a Cookie!

Last week, on Halloween day, we held a bake sale between Smith & Neuberger. Except, we didn’t actually sell anything. Well, not for money, or anything real or tangible, that is. We sold baked goods in exchange for people’s souls, which is to say that we gave food away. Of course, souls are not real, which is one of the core points of this event. We even had (just for fun, of course) soul transaction contracts with pseudo-blood writing utensils (red Sharpies) for people to fill out and take home, if desired. As expected, some of our customers were a bit weirded out by the concept of selling their soul, but most fount the concept to be quite clever. For the most part, those who were not entirely comfortable relinquishing their immortal soul in exchange for delightful noms found alternative means to enjoy our baked goods, such as selling one of their cat’s spare souls or selling the soul of a classmate. We even got the soul of one of the squirrels in the park blocks.

(click on image to biggify and view the full picture)

Hungry college students were fed, many souls were collected, and every single one of the baked goods on display sold out. Good times were had by all! The day almost could not have been better.

Many thanks to all who baked (or bought) the cookies, cupcakes, and the delightful peanut butter and Special K bars for the sale! Also thanks to everyone who showed up to help run the table.

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