Fall Term Meeting Schedule

The first meeting of the Freethinkers of PSU is set for

October 4, 2pm to 4pm in Smith Center Student Union room 296.

The rest of the term is as follows – all meeting times are at 2pm:

Date Room Notes
10/4 Smith Memorial Student Union 296
10/11 Smith Memorial Student Union 294
10/18 Smith Memorial Student Union 294
10/25 Smith Memorial Student Union 294
11/01 Smith Memorial Student Union 294
11/08 Smith Memorial Student Union 047A This is a conference room between the bowling alley and OIT, right next door to the Student Prayer center.
11/15 Smith Memorial Student Union 323 This room is tucked behind the elevators on the 3rd floor of Smith. We had many meetings there last year.
11/22 Smith Memorial Student Union 294
11/29 Smith Memorial Student Union 294


You can also look at the Smith Memorial Union floorplan map.


2 thoughts on “Fall Term Meeting Schedule

  1. I’m a Facebook member of the group but not an official member at PSU (yet), but I won’t be able to attend most of the meetings since I’m in class at 2:00 PM. Any chance of additional meetings happening outside those hours?

    • Hi Jesse,

      We’ve not laid out all our plans this term yet, since we want to get input from our membership, but we’re certainly going to see what we can do. We’ll keep you posted – sign up for our group on orgsync.com, and we’ll make sure you stay in the loop!

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