Secular Bible Study Update

Next week’s Secular Bible Study:
Wednesday, April 30th at 4:00pm
SMSU 327
Please read John, chapters 7 and 8.

Please note the following schedule change:
The Wednesday, May 14th meeting will be moved to Thursday, May 15th, 4pm, SMSU 258

Spring Term Schedule:
Readings will be announced each week.
Wednesday, April 30th, 4pm, SMSU 327
Tuesday, May 6th, 4pm, SMSU 327
Thursday, May 15th, 4pm, SMSU 258
Tuesday, May 20th, 4pm, SMSU 327
Tuesday, May 27th, 4pm, SMSU 229

Secular Bible Study Description:
Atheist/Agnostic Students at PSU invite you to join us for a weekly interfaith/nonfaith secular bible study for the duration of spring term. Each week we will be discussing a different section of the bible in order to promote critical thinking, cultural understanding, open dialogue between faith groups, and bible literacy. Discussion groups will meet at 4pm each week on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday. Please check the Atheist/Agnostic Student Blog (at or request to be added to our listserv (by e-mailing for updates about meeting locations, times, and reading assignments.

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