Secular Bible Study – Tuesday, April 15th

Hello All,
I hope you will join us this week for our continued study of the book of John. Since the group is moving more slowly than previously predicted, we have decided to limit the reading for each week. Last time we looked at John, chapter 3. Please read John, chapters 4 and 5 for Tuesday. We hope to see you there.

Event Information:
Secular Bible Study
Tuesday, April 15th
4pm, SMSU 333
Reading: John, chapters 4 & 5

2 thoughts on “Secular Bible Study – Tuesday, April 15th

  1. To Whom It May Concern:

    It is getting late….Time is running out…..The greatest tragedy in the world is to loose your soul for all eternity. Every person on earth is a sinner. The only way to salvation is to call upon Jesus. He died for all mankinds sins and without accepting him as your savior you will be left in the hands of the most evil for all eternity. If you reject the only way to salvation you can not enter the kingdom of heaven. I tell you this as a sinner and as a christian. 500 bible prophecies have been fufilled. The Lord will come back for his church soon. Look at the world, prophecy is being fufilled at this moment. Only Jesus can save you from the wrath of God. God does not want anyone to perish, but if you spend a lifetime rejecting him you will be sealing your own destiny. Don’t wait any longer. Call upon the creator and Jesus. If you do not it will be the greatest tragedy of your life. The signs are here —Where you spend eternity depends upon it. Please call upon Jesus. He loves you, but he gave you free will to make your own choice. Someday it will be too late. Please don’t make that mistake. Jesus is the truth and the life, no man comes to the father except through him……I urge you to do this. There is no other way to salvation….

  2. The world we live in is in turmoil as predicted in revelation and other scripture. It is time to turn to our creator and savior Jesus Christ so that he may save you from what is to come upon the earth. Only the blood of Jesus and his resurrection can save us. The bible is being preached all over the world to those who never heard about Jesus. Millions of people are coming to Christ. I am writing this letter with the hope that you will turn to Jesus Christ in these last days. Jesus promised those who believe and trust in him eternal life. Without faith we are lost for all eternity. We all need to repent of our sins so we will be ready for his coming. In these last days talk to Jesus and put your faith in him not man. Be ready for we do not know at what hour he will come.

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