2 thoughts on “Faith

  1. While searching through the search engine I stumbled across a web-sight allaboutcreation.org and was reading about how evolution could not be true. They claim that it is the evoulution scientist that have burden of proof and that they have absoulute proof that evolution is false and that the bible is the undeniable truth.

    They mention that evolution has no proof and no missing link to help support their claim.

    First off it is the creationist that would have burden of proof because it is creationist that make the first claim. The bible was written before On the Origins of Species. So they are the ones that would have burden of proof. Second; what about no evidence or proof, how about DNA as proof? And third; theres no missing link? Just two years after On the Origins of Species was published the first transitional fossil (missing link) was found Archaeopteryx in 1861. This is a fossil that proves the transition between the dinosaurs and birds. Since then numberous of transitional fossils have been found only to help support the claims of evolution.

    Do christians have to resort to such deception to try and prove their claim? It would seem that because they don’t have any proof except maybe circumstantial evidence at best and some book mixed in with faith that they would have to take the offensive and use fear, guilt and deception to try and convince some people into beliving in their god. Such tactics are wrong and they only prove that they are ignorant and not naive. To be naive is to be innocent, but to be ignorant is to be guilty. If your naive it simply means that you don’t know, but if your ignorant it’s because you ignored the truth.

    The only diffence between faith and ignorance is the truth.

    I would recommend visiting atheist.about.com

  2. Euprax,

    You said, “The only diffence between faith and ignorance is the truth.”

    I assume you meant “difference” and if you did, I am still confused what the hell you are implying. That one or the other has the truth, 1- ignorance, or 2 faith.

    Congratulations that you have seen through the stories of mythological gods. So, I guess that would put us on the same page, at least in that regard. Do you think that if religion was irradicated from this planet, that the human condition would be cured? Carl Marx and Joseph Stalin did. The current Chinese regime believes that too. So, I guess the jury is still deliberating. But, if someone finally succeeds, will it cure our racism and greed for power and weath?

    So, you think you can save the world with your wisdom and perception. Does it ever occur to you that religion is a mental disease that exists for a reason. We don’t know why we are here or the purpose of our existence. So we pay good money for some witchdoctor to give us some rationale. We were born with a survival instinct, terror of death, so for a few extra bucks we buy an afterlife.
    Then everything is okay.

    Then a freethinker stares down the truth. The gods are bullshit, death is the end, and we all die. Tough sell.

    Especially when you attach your own religion. You can rightfully attack someones belief which is contradictory to proven science. The earth is not 6000 years old, it is 4.5 billion years old. At the same moment, you cannot claim the universe is an accident when chemical science has proven you cannot create something out of nothing. So, at such an impasse, what is a real scientist supposed to conclude? The real truth. “I don’t know”.

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